It’s official…  We got the house!  This is our new home in New Zealand.  We will be moving in on February 10th.  The mailing address is:

32 Magnetic Street 
Port Chalmers 
Dunedin 9023
New Zealand

Here is some information about Port Chalmers:

Explore an interesting mix of heritage attractions, cafés, galleries and shops in this historic deep water port. A delightful 15-minute drive around the northern shore of Otago Harbour leads to the town of Port Chalmers. This deep water port has strong historical ties to the European settlement of the Otago area. Founded in 1844, the early wooden buildings were soon replaced with brick and stone as the wealth of the Otago gold rush began to flow. Many of these early sturdy homes remain, forming part of the bohemian charm of this seaside town.

In 1882, the first frozen meat exports from New Zealand left through Port Chalmers. This trade continues today through the adjacent modern container terminal. Several early Antarctic expeditions left from Port Chalmers, and there remains a memorial to Captain Scott, whose 1901 and 1910 expeditions departed from here.

Something of an artists’ colony today, Port Chalmers has several galleries and a small seafaring museum. The museum is housed in the original 1877 stone post office building. It has a maritime collection and a settlers’ collection, telling the stories of early pioneers and many port characters who have lived here over the years.

Today, the township is a popular weekend excursion for locals. The harbourside setting, intriguing galleries and relaxing eateries, all within easy walking distance of each other, make for a great day out.


  1. The more photos I see of New Zealand, the more I believe what many people have told me; that New Zealand is among the most beautiful places on earth ! The place you will be calling home is one such place !!! AND we’ll get to see it one day, too !! :D. FANTASTIC !!!

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