You may want to do some theological fencing with him, but Douglas Wilson is an excellent writer–the best in the Evangelical world, in my view.  I just picked up his newest book, Wordsmithy:  Hot Tips for the Writing Life.  The book offers seven major suggestions for writers:

1.  Know something about the world.

2.  Read.

3.  Read mechanical helps.

4.  Stretch before your routines.

5.  Be at peace with being lousy for a while.

6.  Learn other languages.

7.  Keep a commonplace book.

Here’s an excerpt.  It’s one of my favorites:

If you “write by rule” only, then, as Quintilian once put it, you will come up with something that is equally free of both vice and virtue, like a verbal tapioca pudding made with skim milk.  Our world already has too much verbiage in it that comes off like it was written by a committee or a computer–or maybe a committee of computers.

Classic Wilson!

If you’re a writer or an aspiring writer, then drop whatever you’re doing and go buy this book–right now.

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