Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise, we will be in the air within the hour and in Dunedin by 10:00pm on Wednesday night (Birmingham time).  In case you missed it when I posted before, here is our itinerary, along with a few specific prayer requests.  We selfishly ask you to pray without ceasing–we’re not going to get any sleep for a few days, and it will make us feel better if you don’t get any either.  🙂


Depart:  Birmingham – 11:55am (Feb. 7th, Bham time)

Arrive:  St. Louis – 1:20pm

Depart:  St. Louis – 2:35pm

Arrive:  Los Angeles – 4:45pm

Depart:  Los Angeles – 10:00pm

Arrive:  Auckland, NZ – 8:00am (Feb. 9th, NZ time)

Depart:  Auckland, NZ – 2:30pm (Feb. 9th, NZ time)

Arrive:  Dunedin, NZ – 4:25pm (Feb. 9th, NZ time)

Prayer Requests:

  • That we would display patience, kindness, gentleness, and the love of Christ toward one another and toward anyone else we might meet along the way; it will be a long two days of flying and layovers with two little boys (age 2 and under).
  • That God would place polite people in our path who can help us get our seven checked bags, four carry-on bags, and two children through the check points and across the airport.
  • That our boys will be able to sleep (at least a bit) on the flight from LA to Auckland, New Zealand (this is the long flight, obviously).
  • That we will arrive safely in Dunedin, New Zealand, with all of our baggage and sanity.
  • That we will be able to find a church, a place to worship and serve, within the first few months.

Many thanks!

P.S. – Fret not, regular readers, I’ve scheduled posts for publication on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  You’ll have plenty of reading to do…


  1. Dillon….
    I love your sense of humor! I have had all of you in my prayers for many, many months, now & will continue to do so. New Zealand awaits! I honestly believe that this has been a God-given opportunity, from the very beginning! That is so cool! Thank you for your amazing faith in our Father & your desire to share it, wherever He leads you. Love all of you, so very much!

  2. Hope the first flight went well … Praying even now that it is a smooth flight, children doing well and landing is in plenty of time to deplane with little guys and stuff and to make it to the next gate … With time to spare !! Hope you are a bright shining light for God to those around you and have thus far met polite people !

    Love you all ! Barbie

  3. Prayers continue to travel with you! It was good hearing the first flight to St. Louis went well especially for Aidan and Cullen !
    Watched the whole extended edition of ” Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” today as you travel to New Zealand ( oops…Middlearth ) ! ha ! What cute little hobbits your little ones would make and what a beautiful place to be making your home for 3 years ! Love and prayers continue !

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