Here are a few excerpts from a sermon I preached recently at Owaka Grace Presbyterian Church (otherwise known as Owaka Grace Fellowship), New Zealand. The primary passage is 1 Pet 5:1-5, and the topic is church leadership. The full manuscript is provided below.

A fellow once told me that there are two kinds of leaders: 1) own and command leaders, and 2) coach and play leaders. Basically, an own and command leader is a boss who thinks he is better than his workers. His workers, or church members, are his property, and he tells them what to do. On the other hand, a coach and play leader leads by example. Like a coach, he provides instruction, encouragement, and motivation for the team, but he also rolls up his sleeves and trains with the team. He doesn’t ask the team to do anything that he is not willing to do. That’s what Peter is saying here. He’s getting ready to instruct elders, and before he does so he wants to establish the fact that he is striving to be a faithful elder.

Interestingly, Peter doesn’t say that elders are to be CEOs, savvy businessmen, sharp dressers, dynamic speakers, brilliant minds, or charismatic personalities. He tells us from the very beginning that elders are to be shepherds.

To read the full sermon, download the following PDF: Shepherding the Flock of God (1 Pet 5:1-5)


  1. Hi Dillon,

    I have been receiving your posts now for a while. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate them, and I also appreciate their Biblical accuracy.

    I too am a student of the Word, serving with RBC Ministries here in Melbourne, Australia.

    Blessings to you and yours.


    On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 4:53 AM, Mindful of God

  2. Beautifully explained and as always, pointing back to our Savior, Jesus Christ ! May you continue to be lead by His spirit as you shepherd the flock in Owaka, NZ !!!!
    Love and blessings, Barbie

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