On Tuesday, October 14th, Mark Driscoll submitted his resignation as lead pastor of Mars Hill Church. The story has been covered by CNN, Huffington Post, Christianity Today, and the list goes on. One of the best things I have read is the sagacious little piece by Trevin Wax, in which he focuses on what churches can learn from Driscoll and the Mars Hill mess. Here are the four excellent points he raises:

1) What we can learn: Leadership matters. Church members need to know what spiritual abuse of leadership looks like, and church leaders need to be trained well, enthusiastically supported when they walk in line with Scripture, and held accountable when they abuse their position of authority.
2) What we can learn: Polity matters. Know your church’s structure of authority well and do your best to empower godly people to lead well through times of crisis.
3) What we can learn: Don’t dismiss people outside your theological circles who exhibit the fruit of a vibrant walk with Christ. Also, don’t overlook or excuse character flaws from leaders inside your theological circles, as if doctrine matters more than life.
4) What we can learn: Look for wisdom and maturity more than glitz and glamor. Be willing to ask tough questions of the popular leader no one wants to challenge.
You can read the full piece here.

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