Kate Bachelder of The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Tim Keller, Yoda-smart pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. You can read the full interview here. It is interesting to hear that, of the thousands of people attending Redeemer on a weekly basis, most of them are under the age of 35. This seems to support my conclusion that, if churches want to reach the younger generation, dumbing down everything in the church is not the way to go. In my experience, the next generation is not looking for Christian cliches or platitudes; rather, they seem to be searching for opportunities to engage in intelligent conversations, specifically within the context of authentic communities. If you have some free time, read this short version of the Redeemer story. It’s encouraging. Christ is building his church.

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  1. When in Manhattan last month, we attended Redeemer. I found myself wanting to move there so that could be my home church. We have listened to many of TK’s podcasts the last 8000 miles. Dumbing down the Gospel in never the answer.

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