Rick Stawarz, founder of Appinstructor, has written an excellent little piece titled, “Creating Healthy Tech Boundaries for Your Kids.” Here are two of my favorite parts:

The first step in establishing boundaries is to consider how you the parent actively model usage of technology. Kids will simply mimic what they see you doing. Many of us have felt the conviction of our child’s request to put down the phone and listen. If we ourselves do not recognize the addictive nature of technology, then how can we expect to instruct our children along the same lines?

Regularly talk to your kids about what they are doing on their iPad, and invite them to ask you the same thing. Asking what someone is doing on their iPad or smartphone (in a polite way!) can actually be a fun way to open up new conversations with your kids. Likewise, if they learn that Mom and Dad use their iPad for reading rather than social media, it will communicate right usage of these devices. Encouraging these interruptions proves to your kids that you prioritize them over email.

I encourage you to read the full post here. Rick is a fellow Beeson grad. He presently serves as an Academic Technology Administrator at a Christian school in Minneapolis, MN, while also running the Minneapolis branch of Appinstructor.

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