It’s mind-blowing how drastically the human body can change in a matter of days.

On March 1st my youngest son, Cullen, was running around like a wild man. The morning of March 2nd he had a stroke and for two full days couldn’t even stand to his feet. On March 4th he took a few steps while holding two hands for support. The next day he took a few more steps, and did so holding only one hand. By March 6th Cullen was walking across the room and back while holding one hand, and he even took several steps without assistance. On March 7th and 8th he was walking all over the place. Though still a bit shaky, he was getting much faster and never asked for help. March 9th we took Cullen to see the physical therapist at Children’s Hospital here in Birmingham, AL. He ran full speed for the first time since the stroke. He also walked up and down stairs without any help. The physical therapist gave him a great report and didn’t even schedule a follow-up visit.

As far as we can tell, Cullen is back to his boisterous, acrobatic, pre-stroke self, with just one minor exception: he has not yet regained full control of the right side of his face. He’s making progress in this area, but things are moving slowly. We still have no information with respect to the cause of the stroke. We should be receiving test results within the month, and we are scheduled to meet with a neurosurgeon in two weeks. Hopefully he will have some answers for us. Whether or not we discover the cause of the stroke, we are grateful to our sovereign God for his healing touch. We may not ever (at least in this life) find out what exactly happened to Cullen on the morning of March 2nd. Sometimes we aren’t meant to know. And in those mysterious occurrences, those times when we know the least, we lean most on the Lord. The doctors may not be able to take actions to decrease the chances of future strokes. Whatever happens, we take comfort in the fact that Cullen is in the care of our loving Father, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, things high and low, visible and invisible, great and small. This God is not weak; He is almighty. He is not whimsical; He is faithful. He is not reckless; He is wise.

We will provide additional updates if new information comes to light. Literally thousands of people have followed Cullen’s story and prayed fervently for our family over the last week and a half. Again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude.

Grace, mercy, and peace,

Dillon, Jamie, Aidan, and Cullen


  1. With tears in my eyes and with JOYFUL HEART , Grandaddy and I REJOICE AND PRAISE OUR LORD for His love, mercy and mighty power in helping our little Culley, in his recovery and for the comfort, love and peace He has given to you, Jamie and our other little boy, Aidan!!!! Woo-HOO !!!!!!!!

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