Recently Eric Metaxas interviewed author and filmmaker N.D. Wilson.

Wilson is a prolific author. (Why is “prolific” always used in sentences like this? Is creativity unacceptable when authors describe other authors? Isn’t it time for some wordsmithing? Anyway …) Wilson, the prolific author, or as he prefers it, “Captain Awesomesauce,” has written many excellent books for kids, and some great ones for the grownups as well. His film, The River Thief, was released in October. Inspired by the thief on the cross, The River Thief is a brief and beautiful story of a boy whose execution day is the best day of his life. What I like most about Wilson is his dislike of most Christian storytelling. “Our conversion scenes lack realism,” he says. I agree. Completely. The River Thief is not for those who want a cheesy story with a happy ending. If cheese floats your boat, pick up a copy of God is Not Dead. (God, of course, is not dead. But I sort of wished I was whilst watching God is Not Dead.)

Toward the end of the interview, Wilson announced something really exciting. A while back he acquired the film rights for one of C.S. Lewis’ top-selling books, The Great Divorce. Wilson has adapted the book for the screen and is now in dialogue with studios. In his own words, he has “a huge fish on the line.” Let’s hope he lands it. Also, it’s rumored that Sylvester Stallone will be starring in the film. Okay, that last part is a lie. I was just looking for an excuse to say “Yo, Adrian” in a blog post.



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