It is important to see that if the deity of Christ is denied, then the cross becomes a terrible monstrosity. If Jesus Christ is man only and not also God, then we lose faith in God and man. We lose faith in God because how could we believe in a God who allows the best man that ever lived to be hounded to death on the cross–is that all that God cares about our humanity and its search after God, after truth and righteousness and peace? … But if you deny the deity of Christ you also lose faith in man, for that would mean that mankind is such that when they see the very best, the very highest and truest the world has ever known, they crucify that man in spite, and will have nothing to do with him except to hate him … Denial of the deity of Christ destroys faith in God and in man, and turns the cross into the bottomless pit of darkness. But put God on the cross, and the cross becomes the world’s salvation. The whole gospel rests upon the fact that it is God who became incarnate, and it was God who in Christ has reconciled the world to himself (Thomas Torrance, Incarnation, 190).

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  1. Reading this as I wait for church services to start this morning, with the chatter of people gathering and musicians warming up, in the background caused me to pause and think on why we believe in our Lord Jesus !!!!

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