I’m excited to announce that I’m now halfway done with my next book.

The book has had many tentative titles along the way, but my editor and I have finally decided on Give Them Jesus: Raising Our Children on the Core Truths of the Christian Faith. This is a book for Christian parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and guardians of all kinds, a book for pastors, children’s directors, Sunday School teachers, and all those who work with children. It will prepare parents, etc. to lead the children under their care to a comprehension and celebration of the core doctrines of the historic Christian faith, as summarized in the Apostles’ Creed. Parents bear the primary responsibility for the spiritual development of their children. Most parents feel this responsibility, but they haven’t been adequately equipped to fulfill it. This is where I hope to be of some help. Give Them Jesus will help parents better understand the core truths of Christianity: the Father, the Son’s identity and first coming, the Son’s death and resurrection, the Son’s present ministry and second coming, the Holy Spirit, and the church. It will also arm parents with appropriate language, helpful illustrations, and relevant object lessons, assisting them in the task of articulating Christian truth in child-friendly ways.

Give Them Jesus will be published by Hachette and will hit book stores across the planet–and maybe even on Mars–sometime in 2018. I’ll post updates on the exact release date when we get that figured out. First, I need to finish the manuscript!


  1. So excited for this book–what a valuable resource for all of us. Praying for just the right words to flow from your pen–or computer–as you finish.

  2. Dillon, I don’t have children or grandchildren – but I am eager to have a copy of the book you describe above for MYSELF! Give ME Jesus – as you would give Him to a child…His core, His essence – in all sorts of creative ways that ANY child (of God) can understand! Here’s a thought: Would you consider bringing your book to life for all of us in your congregation through “children’s sermons” during Sunday worship services that somehow reflect the “adult sermons” you have for us in the same hour? Not in place of your powerful adult sermons, but in
    addition to them.

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