My summer reading this year has been mostly in the category of pastoral leadership. I’ve worked my way through Peter Scazzero’s The Emotionally Healthy Leader and Jimmy Dodd’s Survive or Thrive. Still on the list are Alistair Begg’s On Being a Pastor and Calvin Miller’s Life is Mostly Edges (a second reading; this is one of my favorites). Just this morning I finished Dan Allender’s book Leading with a Limp. Allender’s work will prove beneficial for anyone in leadership. I especially appreciated the final chapter, in which he discusses the three offices of leadership: prophet, priest, and king. The prophet is the bringer of truth; he illuminates the mind. The priest is the bringer of comfort; he soothes the heart. The king is the bringer of vision; he leads the people. Jesus is all of these perfectly. As a pastor, I am none of them perfectly, though Allender rightly argues that every pastor will be stronger in one or two of these areas. (I see myself as more of a prophet-king type.) His conclusion is spot on: “The three offices of leadership–prophet, priest, and king–complement but also irritate one another … But if we want to magnify Jesus and become more like him, then we must make room in our organizations for each dimension and strive to grow the parts of ourselves (individually and collectively) that are weak.”

A leader’s first task is to grow, knowing that he is the one who has the furthest distance to mature.

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