The latest issue of JETS contains a review of my book, Hostility in the House of God. Greg Couser, Senior Professor of Bible and Greek at Cedarville University, offers a very positive assessment of the work, calling it “another fine scholarly contribution to an ongoing resurgence of interest in 1 and 2 Timothy.” I was particularly pleased with Couser’s closing remarks:

Through his methodologically careful and exegetically driven work, Thornton has offered real gains in unlocking one of the perennial interpretive challenges in the Letters to Paul’s Delegates. He makes a strong case for the identity, character, teaching, and impact of the opposition threatening the vitality of the Ephesian church. He also indirectly makes yet another interpretive foray into the Letters to Paul’s Delegates that closes the distance between them and Paul.

Subscribers can read the full review in JETS 60.4.

My next book, a popular work entitled Give Them Jesus: Raising Our Children on the Core Truths of the Christian Faith, will be released in early September. Cover details are being finalized as we speak. As soon as everything is ready, I’ll direct you to sites for pre-orders. So check back soon!

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