Why Church Members Criticize Their Pastors OR Why Do We Forget That Jesus Alone is Perfect?

This article by Dan Doriani is an exceptional piece on what is certainly one of the most dispiriting parts of pastoral ministry: fielding criticism. Fellow pastors and parishioners near and far, please take a few minutes to read Doriani’s comments on how and why churches wound their pastors. Here’s one of my favorite portions of […]

The Gospel of Ghoul

October’s required reading list includes Timothy George’s article, “The Gospel of Ghoul.” The article is a critique of that thriving phenomenon within the subculture of American fundamentalist and evangelical churches: the seasonal appearance of a Halloween alternative known as Hell House or Judgment House. George writes: The problem with this kind of approach …  is […]

Why the Christian Church Must Lead the Way in the Fight against Human Trafficking

Today I participated in a panel discussion at the University of Northern Colorado. The subject of our discussion was human trafficking. For those who were unable to attend the event, here are some of the comments I prepared. “Written human history since Hammurabi’s Code in 1790 B.C. has identified the practice of slavery. Mankind has […]